Big Clean Up Day- Saturday 17 November 2018

Work continues in the pub and the cottage and we will be holding another Clean Up Day on Saturday from 10.00 am.  Please join us if you can.

We hope to make progress with:

Removing carpeting
Finishing the decorating
Removing the rotten sections of decking so we can see what needs to be done to replace it
Tidying up the bonfire debris
Moving kitchen equipment
Wall paper stripping
Building a stud wall if there is anyone who can help with any joinery skills

For those able to attend we will tackle things on a priority order basis and any tools or equipment you can bring on the day will be helpful.

Please let us know if you can come along - your help will be greatly appreciated!

Log Burner

Cottage and Pub

Where did all the pies go?

Some say this is the A Team


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