When we purchased the pub, we also bought with it the adjoining cottage which had been part of the same property for some time and used ancillary to the pub as landlord accommodation and other letting.

The cottage was seriously dilapidated to say the least and was part of the renovation programme set out in our business plan.  Over the years, as the pub and cottage were altered and adapted what was one of the cottage living rooms became part of the pub toilets at some point and the cottage thus had a flying freehold over part of the pub.

The cottage renovation was a challenging project with many unforeseen works required.  Fortunately, we were able to access grant funding from Hambleton District Council’s community led housing fund.  This was key to securing the improvements necessary for the cottage to once again be a useful unit of accommodation.  Works were completed on the two-bedroom cottage by May 2019.

We are delighted that the cottage has now been let as Exelby's first affordable housing.  You can find out more about how we developed this valuable resource for the community here:

Download factsheet here Exelby Community Led Housing 2019

The property is currently let as a unit of affordable housing.

To be eligible to apply for this property in the future, any applicant must be in housing need as defined by the Exelby Green Dragon Community Pub Ltd Affordable Housing Allocations Policy.  The applicant must demonstrate that this need is best addressed by being accommodated in Exelby because:

  • The applicant has a need to move to Exelby to relieve a proven hardship or for work related reasons, or;
  • The applicant has a health or well-being issue, which will be removed or improved by moving to or remaining in Exelby, or;
  • The applicant’s quality of life will be significantly improved by moving to or remaining in Exelby because of support from family and friends in the village.

You can read our Allocations Policy or download our Application Form here:

Allocations Policy

Affordable Housing Application Form