Share Prospectus

We are seeking investors to buy and refurbish the Green Dragon Pub in Exelby, North Yorkshire through a combination of a community share offer, grants and loans.  This prospectus is about the share offer and how to invest.  The share offer remains open for the time being.

Download our Share Prospectus here


Business Plan

This plan is about reviving the fortunes of the Green Dragon in Exelby as a village and destination pub at the heart of the community.  To do this the plan covers the detail of:

  • Exelby, its location and people being a community that has the will, determination and expertise to operate a successful social enterprise
  • Purchasing the pub as a community asset by issuing shares in a community benefit company, obtaining grants and a loan
  • Renovating the pub so that it is fit for purpose and can offer a vibrant business opportunity that can be developed
  • Letting the pub to a tenant who shares the community’s vision for a pub that offers excellent pub food and drink
  • Developing the pub as a community hub offering a shop/delicatessen, café with activities supported by the village and wider community
  • Financial forecasting, budgeting and cash flow projections
  • A sustainable future that provides a return on shareholder investment which continues to be well maintained and run as a community asset into the future

Download our Business Plan here

Summary Prospectus

A short leaflet outlining our plans - feel free to share this document.

Download our Summary Prospectus here


Rules of the Society

Exelby Green Dragon Community Pub Ltd was registered with the Financial Conduct Authority on 12 July 2017.  We are a Community Benefit Society (No. 7599) as defined under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014.  Here you will find our certificate of registration and the rules of the society.

The rules define how we are managed and governed.

FCA Registration & Rules

Green Dragon for Sale

The Green Dragon is on the market and as a community we have great plans for the future!

Property Particulars


George & Dragon Hudswell

Saving the Local

Take a look at Martin Booth's presentation to our village about how the community worked together to buy The George and Dragon, just up the road in Hudswell. An inspiration to us all...

Saving the Village Local for Exelby

Bus timetable

If you are coming to and from Exelby and want to use public transport then you could use the the 144 Service as of 29 April 2019...

Endless possibilities...