Christmas Update

Sadly, this update has been overtaken by events with the third national lockdown still currently in place from 4 January 2021.

It's been a funny old year and who would have predicted such strange times this time last year.  We hope everyone has been safe, with better things to look forward to next year.

The pub reopened again on 3rd December under the new Covid tier 2 rules and although different - and not just being able to call in for a pint - Tom and Becci have been busy nevertheless.  We hope everyone has seen the Christmas information and into New Year and what a full schedule it is as Tom and Becci make the very best of what they are able to do.

Because of the rules on Covid, this has affected the bottom line on Tom and Becci's trading and is different from the bounce back after the first lockdown under the old tier 1.  This also coincided with the annual pub rental uplift which was due in December.  We were able to offer financial support during the first lockdown and have agreed some further support and reassurance over the next few months by putting off the rent increase until April.  This has been met by grant assistance.  The benefits of having a community owned pub come out in these difficult times, when many are fairing much worse.

We continue to keep our budget under constant review and will achieve a balanced budget by the end of our accounting year with funds allocated for share interest payments, a start to form a share repurchase fund and a future repairs and renewal fund - all in line with our original business plan.  So, if nothing else unexpected turns up, we will be able to pay the share interest that was deferred from last year at the Annual Members Meeting at 1% along with this years payment which is expected to be 2%.  Despite everything this year has thrown at us we are in good shape.

We will go into 2021 with a planned closure of the pub for the week commencing 4th January.  As ever, we get on with things and during the week the fixed seating in the bar is having a face lift with new upholstery.  That's your excuse for a trip to the pub in the new year to test the new seating! Oh, and don't forget the TV and Tom and Becci's igloos if you have not already seen them.

Three new volunteers have come forward to take on the vacant Director posts.  Linda, Cathy and Lucinda have now all been co-opted onto the Board which puts us at a full complement of nine.  Consequently, it is great to have a full team for the first time and we welcome the new Directors on board again.

And a first for Exelby.  Our very own Christmas tree to welcome people to the village.  Thanks are due to Coxon Brothers and the volunteers for making it all happen.  We suspect this will now be an annual event so next year we will need to think about a bit of fundraising for this and a couple of other things that are appearing on the village wish list.

We hope everyone has an enjoyable Christmas and new year and with what we are not allowed to do, hopefully we can play catch up in 2021.

Cheers everyone and thank you for your continued support.  Happy Christmas