Exelby Housing Needs Survey

Our February Newsletter looked at our progress to date and also the future of the cottage next to the Green Dragon and how this can be part of reinvigorating our community with:

  • A viable pub with good food and drink in a traditional Yorkshire pub with the kind of tenant that will help the pub grow and thrive.
  • A cottage renovated to provide a decent home at an affordable rent with income from the rent going back into the community.
  • A village shop that operates alongside a café / delicatessen.
  • A centre for community activities at the heart of the village.

Funding is available for these renovations through Hambleton District Council.  To be able to access this funding we need to measure demand for housing.  If you live in Exelby or have a connection with the area and would like to live in Exelby please complete the linked survey.  The housing needs survey for Exelby is very important and will help us  determine the demand for community lead affordable housing in the village.  You can find it here:


Please complete the survey by 28 February, 2018

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